Quit Smoking Magnets

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Quit Smoking Magnets

  • $ 19.99
  • Save $ 19.99

Have problem giving up smoking? You're in for a treat!

The Magnetic Therapy Ear Seeds is natural - no chemicals, no pills.

By placing these magnets on your ear, you are stimulating an acupressure point by releasing endorphins into your brain that stimulate the sensation that smoking generates. Over time, your craving and desire to smoke will wane and dissipate completely.

How Does It Work?

It’s really simple. It is a set of small bioactive magnets. Just place them on your ear, one on the inside and one on the outside (the magnetism holds them in place) and they’ll help curb the cigarette cravings which make it so hard to stop smoking.

It works using a method called auriculotherapy. Also known as ‘ear acupuncture’ – only without the needles – auriculotherapy is a pain free, fast and easy way for you to quit smoking for good. By applying pressure to a precise point on your outer ear (the auricle), the magnets stimulate nerve endings which cause the release of endorphins in your brain.

These are the same ‘feel-good’ chemicals released whenever you smoke a cigarette – and are why smoking makes you feel good.

Wear your these 24K gold plated magnets for just 3 to 4 hours a day and the release of these feel-good endorphins will help control the cravings caused by nicotine addiction and the withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping smoking.

Product Specifications:

Material: Magnet
Size: 0.5cm~0.8cm diameter
Net weight: 52g

Package Includes:

1 *Quit Smoking Stricke

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