Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion

  • $ 39.99
  • Save $ 10.00

Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion

  • $ 39.99
  • Save $ 10.00

Type: Seat Cushion/Back Cushion

Shape: U type

Material: 100% Polyester + Memory Foam + Gel

Size: 45 * 35 * 7.5cm

Removable and Washable

Note: There are two options. With and Without the gel.


✔️ The Seat Cushion adds extra cushioning for the long hours that you spend driving on your vehicle or working at your office.

✔️ This cushion comes with exclusive features and technology that dampens all the bumps that would make you cringe in pain during driving as well as when you work long hours in front of your computer.

✔️ The seat cushion has an innovative gel layer with hybrid memory foam that takes all the pressure off your tailbone, sciatica nerve, lumbar, and lower back.

✔️ It's comfortable and convenient to use, and unlike other big cushions, the orthopedic seat cushion promotes healthy posture, blood circulation and align the spine so you can have a better time concentrating on your task.

✔️ The gel layer provides a cooling effect that reduces the lower body & hips temperature

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