Head CPR Wild Ginseng Extracts Hair Growth Set (Tonic+ Shampoo+Conditioner)

  • $ 45.00
  • Save $ 10.00

Head CPR Wild Ginseng Extracts Hair Growth Set (Tonic+ Shampoo+Conditioner)

  • $ 45.00
  • Save $ 10.00


No.1 Head CPR Therapy contains wild ginseng extracts, RNA, DNA, Amino Acid and vitamins that deeply cleanse hair follicles and scalp using all natural and organic herbs to prevent blockage and clogged oil. 

It contains anti-oxidant vitamins and trace element which helps to balance sebaceous glands. This bottle contains HBOT (Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy) which is medical use of oxygen at a level higher than atmospheric pressure.

It is highly effective for stressful individuals to relieve headaches and migraines with instant cooling minty sensations. 

This highly recommended for individuals with hair loss, itchy, dandruff or sensitive hair scalp problems. 1 bottle is sold every 3 minutes.


Ingredients Highlight:

1. Wild Ginseng Extracts

A natural Chinese herb to stimulate hair growth. It is and adaptogen that aids the body to adapt to stress, which is the cause of hair loss.

2. Mint Extracts

A natural cooling extract from peppermint that helps to reduce itchiness, inflammations and pain.

3. Verbena Officinalis

Also known as Vervain, it strengthens the nervous system while relaxing and tension and stress. It is used to ease depression and melancholia.

4. Hamamelis

Also known as Witch Hazel, which is one of the oldest cosmetic ingredient that offers superior action to the skin, in controlling water loss. It is also an anti- oxidant, good astringent that helps to stabilize the barrier function of the skin and scalp reducing.

5. Rose Extracts

A natural extract that aids skin and hair scalp for a youthful good tone and elasticity.

6. Bergamot

A natural orange which us known for its antiseptic properties and uplifting scent and effects.

Ingredients: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Nitrogen, Verbena Offcinalis, Hamamelis, Wild Ginseng, Rose Extracts, Ficus Religiosa, Mint Extract, Bergamot.



Step 1: Shake the bottle well before use. 

Step 2: Pump into scalp before you blow dry your hair. 

Step 3:  Pump 5-10 shots into different parts on your scalp, then massage it, daily.It is a leave-in hair tonic.

Step 4:  It is a leave- in hair tonic.

Step 5:  Recommended for use 2 times a day for individuals with serious hair and scalp problems. This is best used after you wash your hair.