SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment Hair Oil 50ml

  • $ 29.97
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SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment Hair Oil 50ml

  • $ 29.97
  • Save $ 10.00

Hair growth problems? This is going to be the final and only hair growth solution you'll ever need!

Introducing SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment Hair Oil, this one-of-a-kind hair oil is made from 100% natural herbs and recipe that has been used for generations.

This proprietary hair oil is effective not only for hair growth on scalp, but also for beard, eyebrows and eyelashes

✅ Ingredients include: Certified Cold Pressed Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Curry Leaves, Gooseberry, Fenugreek, Guava and Neem

✅ Content has herbal odor and highly nutritious to enhance and promote hair growth and other advantages for hair

✅ Works for both male and female

✅ Crafted in small batches enduring a long a slow process to ensure nutrients are not destroyed, at the same time could easily penetrate the scalp, skin and hair shaft

✅ Registered with KKM (Ministry Of Health)

✅ Perfectly safe to use - even for pregnant mothers and babies 1 year old onward

✅ Effective for fast hair growth - some saw results as early as 1 day, and some within weeks to two months

✅ Kept in amber glass dropper bottle, allowing for easy carry wherever you go

Instructions To Use:

After bath, apply directly to scalp and massage.

If you want to remove herbal smell, just double cleanse and condition your hair. If the scent is not removed, you can always rinse your hair with Apple Cider Vinegar as your final rinse.

Important: if you have any extensions on (Eyelash or Hair) please remove it before using our Pre-Cleanse Treatment to avoid from damaging it.

Please give yourself at least 3 months to see results. Be consistent with your usage to reap the benefits of the oil.

How Is SENA Hair Oil Different From The Rest? We Let Results Speak For Itself!

SENA is an Artisan Line of Natural Hair Oil, individually hand poured and crafted in small batches. Our SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment Hair Oil is perfect for hair, beard, eyelash and eyebrow.

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